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Exclusive: Mike Niam Interview

April 13, 2013

Ryan Michael

In a recent exclusive, I had the opportunity to speak with NFL Draft prospect Mike Niam.

A stand-out middle linebacker at Wofford, Niam is known for his impeccable work ethic, extensive study-habbits and dedication to "team-first" philosophy. 
Mike Niam
With the NFL draft coming up on April 25th, we discussed his time at Wofford, his recent participation in the NFL regional combine and what NFL teams can expect from him on and off the field in 2013.


Ryan: What was your greatest experience playing at Wofford?

Mike: "Probably winning two So-Con championships and going to the playoffs. We didn't exactly have as much success in the playoffs. I think we could have gotten further. But definitely winning the So-Con twice when we were not picked to win it either time was a great experience."

Ryan: You recently participated in the NFL regional combine in Dallas, how did it go?

Mike: "It went really well. I did linebacker drills. I also did some pass-rush hybrid drills and I performed really well. I think that I stood out. I was excited about it."

Mike NiamRyan: Are there any past or present NFL linebackers who you model yourself after?

Mike: "I think that I compare myself most to Luke Kuechly because we have a similar style of play. I look at Ray Lewis and Patrick Willis, those are two idols for me. I try to watch them and emmulate what they do."

Ryan: What aspect of your game do you feel differentiates you from other NCAA linebackers hoping to make it into the NFL this year?

Mike: "My preparation and football I.Q. I prepare with one hundred percent effort for games. I watch film over and over again. I watch every game (the opposing) team has played. I study it and I know what to expect when it's game-day. I think that I know football so well that I can react quicker. I know what's coming before it comes. When I'm out there, I can make plays that way."

Ryan: What are a few things that you'd like to let NFL teams know about what you can bring to the table?

Mike: "I am a hard worker and I'm never going to give anything less than my best. I am a great teammate and a great leader. As a linebacker I feel that you have to be a leader on the field, just like a quarterback is for an offense. I'm a team guy first, I'm not a "me-guy." I try to do what's best for the team in any way possible: special teams, anything like that. I'm not going to be a problem. I'm just going to work really hard and help the team win." 


At the conclusion of the interview, I found myself impressed with Niam's passion, knowledge and enthusiasm.

He possesses all of the physical and mental tools to succeed at the next level.

I'd like to personally thank him for taking the time to do this interview and I wish him the absolute best with the draft coming up April 25th.