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Teams Odds on Landing Percy Harvin

February 12, 2013

Marcus Katkin

What are the odds of your NFL team landing Percy Harvin. Senior Writer, Marcus Katkin, gives his odds for all 32 NFL teams and where he thinks Percy Harvin could land.





St. Louis Rams

Amendola is a free agent. The Rams have the picks available to trade from the RG3 trade. Harvin could slip into Amendola’s role without anyone noticing.



Miami Dolphins

Hartline wants to be paid as a WR1 even though he’s a WR2. This just may be one of the best fits for both parties.




Cincinnati Bengals

They have the cap room to sign Harvin to an extension, and have the need at WR. This could very likely be a landing spot.




Buffalo Bills

With all the injuries to their WR corps last year and the need for a playmaking WR this could be a possibility.




Kansas City Chiefs

Even if Bowe leaves, one headcase WR (Baldwin) should be enough for a rebuilding team. They also have McCluster as a good Harvin-like clone. But hey, it’s the Chiefs, who knows.



Cleveland Browns

The Browns don’t have a 2nd round pick this year because of the Josh Gordon pick. With limited picks in the draft, it’ll be hard to make a deal work.



New York Jets

Holmes has a $12.5M cap number this year. He could be on the hot seat to either restructure or be cut. If he’s cut this could surely open the door for Harvin.



New England Patriots

Welker and Lloyd may be gone this year, but the Pats already have a Welker-clone in Julian Edelman. But, with Belichick you never know…



Houston Texans

According to John McClane of the Houston Chronicle, the Texans will not go after Percy Harvin or mike Wallace. We think they'll kick the tires.



Pittsburgh Steelers

Wallace is almost assuredly out of Pitt. With Brown locked up to a long-term deal this may be a good spot for Harvin.



Oakland Raiders

I like the young group of receivers the Raiders have. If they live up to their potential they could be one of the best in the league.



Denver Broncos

The Broncos have said they’d like to get another WR to complement Thomas and Decker.



San Diego Chargers

If any team needs WR help it’s the Chargers. But with a new head coach, expect some rebuilding through the draft and free agency over the next few years.



Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks need a WR1 and Harvin would definitely be it.



Baltimore Ravens

Fresh off their Super Bowl win they are focusing all their efforts on Flacco. That said, Blodin is not getting any younger.



Carolina Panthers

I think this is the year you see a changing of the guard and see LaFell out-perform Smith who is on his way out. Look for the Panthers to add a WR in the draft.



Tampa Bay Buccaneers

They have the cap room and the resources but I just don’t see the Bucs having a WR corps of VJax, Williams AND Harvin.



Tennessee Titans

Britt is their stud WR and Wright is their prototypical slot guy. Don’t expect them to be contenders in this sweepstakes.



Indianapolis Colts

The Colts love their bright new shiny toy in TY Hilton. They’ll roll with him and an aging Wayne and possibly add a veteran WR in free agency.



Philadelphia Eagles

Chip Kelly’s spread offense would love a player with Harvin’s skills. However, I see them using DeSean Jackson in this role.



Detriot Lions

With Young gone and Burleson as old as dirt, this would have been my pick for a dark horse in the race for Harvin but the Vikings won’t trade him within their division.



Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars have a lot of needs and with the emergence of Shorts and Blackmon last year WR is the least of their worries.



Chicago Bears

They just traded for Brandon Marshall last year. Don’t see them making another big trade for a WR no matter how good it worked out for them.



Dallas Cowboys

They are way over the cap limit and are going to focus on restructuring Austin’s deal so they can keep him.



San Francisco 49ers

Crabtree, Manningham, Moss, Jenkins, Ted Ginn… It’s already looking a little crowded in the bay.



Minnesota Vikings

Odds of staying with the Vikings after his blowout? Slim to none.



New Orleans Saints

The Saints are more known for developing WRs than making a splash via trade or free agency. And Brees can make any WR look good.



Washington Redskins

Would be a nice fit in our capitol as Morgan, Hankerson and Robinson have been unimpressive and Moss will be 34 this upcoming year, but after the RG3 trade they just don’t have what the Vikings would want.



New York Giants

Cruz is a restricted free agent this year and Nicks is an unrestricted free agent next year. They already have their hands full trying to figure out how to resign both.



Arizona Cardinals

Too many needs right now. Quarterback, offensive line, etc…



Atlanta Falcons

Could you imagine a WR corps of Jones, White and Harvin? Wow! Too bad it’s not going to happen.



Green Bay Packers

The Packers have wide receivers coming out of their… They don’t need another one. Plus they are division rivals.